Some useful information for expat Britons

Our school is situated in Combourg, next to the famous Combourg castle, home to the famous French romantic 18th century author, François-René de Chateaubriand.
Combourg is a country town (population: 5000 inhabitants) situated half way from Rennes and Saint Malo (about 40 kms from both towns).
The school itself was founded in 1890 , and hosts about 300 pupils and 25 teachers. The first period of the day (each period lasting 55 minutes) starts at 8.45 a.m., and the last one of the day finishes at 4.45 p.m..A typical school day comprises seven periods (except on Wednesdays, when pupils of 4° and 3° have four periods to attend, pupils in 5° come to school on Wednesday mornings every other week, whereas pupils in 6° don’t come to school at all on that day).

At lunch time, pupils have a one hour and ten minute pause. Most of them have lunch at school, but pupils living nearby can go home for lunch.
Most pupils use daily regular school buses to go to and come home from school. All our pupils learn English, starting in 6°, and have to choose a second foreign language when they reach 4°. (they can choose between Spanish or German). Pupils can take up fencing as an extra activity.(Our school being the only one in the area to provide such a possibility).

The school has had a partenership with a German school for 7 years now, and every Spring. French and German penfriends, ( when French pupils are in 3°) spend about a week at their friends’place.

A stay abroad is organised every year for pupils of 4°. Destinations alternate between Great Britain and Spain.


Collège Saint Gilduin
Square Emile Bohuon
35270 Combourg

Headmaster: Mr Etienne REUCHERON

telephone: 02/99/73/07/83 (00/33/2/99/73/07/83 if phoning from Britain)

Fax: 02/99/73/29/45

Mail address:


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